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5 latest projects and milestones undertaken and achieved

Microsoft Teams Training & Support

Role Title: Director of E-Learning


Fully explored and tested all the features of Microsoft Teams, prepared training and guidance materials, trained and supported lecturers to use Miscosoft Teams as the main medium for conducting online classes.

Online Workshop

Online Teaching Support during COVID19 outbreak

Role Title: Director of E-Learning

2020 - 2021

Managed and facilitated a college-wide swift switch from traditional on-campus teaching to fully online teaching. Provided the necessary implementation, support & training to lecturers and students to easily adapt to the new teaching and learning medium. 

Wireless Computer Accessories

Online Assessments Implementation

Role Title: Director of E-Learning

2019 - 2021

Facilitated and supported converting the college's assessment methods from paper-based to online-based assessments. Online assessments are now in the form of online quizzes, discussion forums, and/or file submission.

Working with Laptop

Full Server Rebuilt and Migration

Role Title: Learning Technology Advisor


Fully congifured & optimized an Ubuntu-based server to host a fully functional Moodle-based LMS. Installed & configured a freash installation of Moodle. Backed up then restored databases and other related digital assets from the previous installation of Moodle.


Automate Moodle deployment on AWS

Role Title: Learning Technology Advisor


Developed a JSON-based code that utilizes the AWS Cloud Formation tool to automatically install, configure & set up a fully functional Moodle-based learning management system (LMS) on an Ubuntu server.

Programming Console
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