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E-Learning Specialist

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E-Learning Developer:  plan and enable dynamic, customizable, and engaging online learning and teaching solutions that incorporate synchronous and asynchronous learning activities, online assessments, and advanced monitoring and reporting features.


Technology Expert: explore, test, and configure the means to support and optimize online learning. Over 14 years of extensive hands-on experience in Moodle, Turnitin, and learning technologies provided me with a rich and diverse comprehension to advise on the best means to achieve certain learning outcomes.


Skills Enabler:  train, support, and produce detailed guidance and tutorials to empower and equip educators and subject-matter experts (SME) with the knowledge and skills set needed to establish and successfully run an effective and uninterrupted online learning experience.


Team Leader: liaise, engage, and collaborate with multiple teams, departments, and individuals to support joint efforts to reach or produce the desired results or goals.


Instructional Designer: digitize learning materials and transform them into interactive and engaging online resources.

Knowledge Seeker: enthusiastic learner, looking to expand my knowledge and skills set to have valuable contributions to the institutions’ development and success. 

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